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Our purpose is to protect your right to self determination and the greatest level of independence possible regardless of your challenges.

  • Assist with guardianship/conservatorship services
  • Assist and oversee services for individuals unable to live independently.
  • Provide regular monitoring of effectiveness of ancillary services and changes in needs.
  • When an individual is unable to make and carry out decisions regarding his/her personal welfare and basic needs, a conservator may need to be appointed to make those decisions.
  • A plan of care will be prepared early in the conservatorship after a thorough assessment of the individual's strength, abilities, problems and special needs to establish long term goals and the strategies needed to achieve them.
  • We promote each individual's independence and self reliance to regain the ability to exercise any and all rights that may have been restricted.
  • Assistance with placement to a supervised setting as need arises, placement options will meet state standards for care and assure the highest level of personal freedom based on individual needs.
  • Every decision made that affects the individual and/or family will be based, as much as possible, on the desires, concerns and preferences of the individual and /or family.
  • When a trust is in place, the trust instrument enables the trustee to follow the trustor's specific instructions to ensure the trust is safe guarded.
  • Whether there is a will in place or not, we will step in and ensure the estate is protected, all possible beneficiaries are located and the estate is administered for the benefit of all concerned parties.

Examples of tasks as your Professional Fiduciary:

Financial institution deposits, withdrawals or other transactions
Review invoices
Pay bills
Money management
Purchase or sell property
Hire, supervise care managers/ care givers
Preparation and filing of tax returns
Distribution of retirement benefits
Negotiate and sign contracts
Provide regular accountings and reporting
Personal visits to discuss and monitor needs
Engage necessary professionals such as attorneys, CPAs, or doctors 


An estimated 54 Million adults, nearly 20 percent of the nation's population and 6 percent of American children between 5 and 15 suffer from a disability.
Special Needs Trust administration falls within our capability and not an "add-on" service.  We have over a decade of experience administering special needs trusts.  We understand the rules of major public benefit programs that provide assistance to people with disabilities. We are well versed on the types of special needs trusts and using practical strategies to pay for items and services the beneficiary needs without reducing public benefits. Meeting the long term cash flow needs and prudent management of the beneficiary's trust assets in special needs trusts is accomplished by working with investment firms that minimize costs and maximize returns.   We have worked closely with state agency offices resolving issues and settling remaining trust funds when the trust terminates.

We provide access to swift and accurate service by being accountable.

Consultation, assessment and coordination
Guardianships and Conservatorships
Personal Respresentative in Wills
Trustee or Successor Trustee
Trust Administration
Special Needs Trust Administration
Power of Attorney
Agent for Advanced Health Care Directive
Durable Power of Attorney for Assets